Please don't poop!

These last few photos I took before my camera kicked the bucket are of Galley head, a short drive from Clonakilty. It wasn’t my intention to go out there to take photos but when I saw the birds fishing I couldnt resist. The idea was to go, sit on a rock and chill for a couple of hours. Well, the original idea was to go to Gougane Barra, sit on the grass and chill for a few hours sans camera. Couldn’t be arsed driving there though, maybe next weekend.

Alternative method of catching fish

The photos aren’t anything to look at, I just thought I’d post them for fear that folks would think this is turning back into a text blog. Or err, “non-photo-blog”, whichever you prefer. Yes, a few of them are heavily cropped, yes most of them are exposed completely wrongly and yes, you’re correct in thinking I couldn’t give a rats tiny teeny tiny ass. Carry on about your business and come back when I’ve got something to rant about… Like Canon taking their sweet ass time with my camera repairs. Or something along those lines.

The getaway