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The Flower Market


Flower Market

Jumping back a few months for this one from the flower market in Amsterdam. Looking out the window of one of the larger shops, over the canal to the houses opposite. Possibly the only shop in the flower market where photography was not allowed inside.

More from Malin




Another couple from Malin Head. The first is a beach just before the headland, apparently home to the biggest sand dunes in the country. After nearly burying myself trying to climb one I’m inclined to agree. The second is possibly the most remote home in the country pictured through the window of one of the lookout posts on the high point of Malin Head itself. Surely quite a trek for a pint of milk and a newspaper! The rest of the photos from Malin are here.

Malin Head


Malin Head

Proof that I actually did take some shots of Malin Head. The rest are going to be following along shortly, or as shortly as I can manage anyway. A beautiful sunny day and perfect weather for balming out on the acres of green grass.

Surf School


Surf School

Possibly one of my favorite shots. Printed and framed a load of shots recently and for some reason I keep looking at this one. For some reason I love it. Such a lucky shot. Was taken leaving Inchidoney on a bitterly cold day; just about to get into the car and spotted this over my shoulder. Delving into the bowels of flickr to get to this one, a good sign that I’ll have to post some new photos soon.

One Sunny Day in Kerry


Mountains through the grass

Taken at the (fairly) recent photography forum meetup in Kerry. Also posted to highlight the glaringly obvious switch to a new theme. See, I do still care about this blog! Will be trying this one out for a while to see if it grows on me or, as many have before, eventually sickens me to the point of drunken theme re-tooling. Lots more from the recent Kerry meetup on flickr.

Oh and do let me know what you think of the renovations. Needless to say really cos I’m sure you will anyway. The faithful among you will also notice that my pet photoblogging project Glassey Alley is now being re-directed here. To put it in terms any management level person could understand, phase one is now complete and the senior executives are ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘synergising’ to deliver a more content rich and user friendly browsing experience. For anyone else, “On hiatus for re-tooling”.

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