Well, not quite. Just a bit of playing around now that I finally have a tripod capable of using for macro photography. Took delivery today of a slightly soggy manfrotto neotec and grip ball head, something I’d been lusting after for quite some time. Even though I’ve only been using it for mere hours, I’m amazed at the simply mind boggling amount of positions you can get the thing into. Took it out to Fountainstown with the intention of grabbing some good shots. However, I then remembered that Fountainstown is depressingly boring. Balls…

Crab Claw

Green Glass


I quite like the colour in the crab claw & green glass. Also took a number of shots of what appeared to be a large rock hopper giving birth to lots of baby rockhoppers, but that’s just too freakish to post. Thankfully, most of the shots are unusable due to DoF. Phew.