Crosshaven, Saturday morning. The tented village has been constructed and everyone seems to be wearing ‘brightly coloured sailing attire’. Even the people that have never been on a boat in their lives. It’s all a bit showy and probably the reason I’ll only go down there once this week, despite wangling a residents pass.


After parking at Camden (the top of the world as far as Crosshaven is concerned), I found that some enterprising chap had somehow removed both the locks on the gates of the old fort, previously locked up tigher than a nuns knickers. Forsaking the possibility for further sailing photographs, I chose to pander to my curiosity and squeeze through the gate and walk around the abandoned fort. Well, it was a golden opportunity; I’ve wanted to get in there for a look around for years. Many more people took the opportunity also, I came upon no fewer than a dozen people walking around, frightening the bejesus out of most of them as I crept from one building to another.




If I could, I’d go back in there with a torch to explore more of the underground passages and big dark rooms. There seem to be alot of underground rooms accessible, I was livid that I couldnt explore further than the flash on my camera would allow. Well, that and I’m paranoid that I’d end up finding a body or something.

Oddly enough, amongst the broken glass and rubble from the derelict buildings, one of the buildings was in remarkably good condition. Almost freshly painted doors and window frames, clean net curtains hanging inside, an obviously cared for garden and the less than distant sound of a dog barking. Could someone actually be living inside the walls of this abandoned fortress?

As I’ve said, there was alot more to explore than I got to. Both for lack of a light source and again, for the paranoid fear that at any second I could have a large Offaly born Garda tapping on my shoulder, asking odd questions about trespassing. I did get a few more, but I’ll get a few more than that if there aren’t any locks on the gates when I go back later this week. As for Cork week; I’d take it or leave it. Generally the latter. It is news though and therefore brings the possibility of getting further exposure in the papers. That’s about the size of it…