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Monday Macro Madness!



Well, not quite. Just a bit of playing around now that I finally have a tripod capable of using for macro photography. Took delivery today of a slightly soggy manfrotto neotec and grip ball head, something I’d been lusting after for quite some time. Even though I’ve only been using it for mere hours, I’m amazed at the simply mind boggling amount of positions you can get the thing into. Took it out to Fountainstown with the intention of grabbing some good shots. However, I then remembered that Fountainstown is depressingly boring. Balls…

Crab Claw

Green Glass


I quite like the colour in the crab claw & green glass. Also took a number of shots of what appeared to be a large rock hopper giving birth to lots of baby rockhoppers, but that’s just too freakish to post. Thankfully, most of the shots are unusable due to DoF. Phew.

Peoples Photography


Some time ago, there was a post on boards relating to the upcoming Peoples Photography exhibition in Dublin. If you’ve ever been to Dublin around this time of year you’ll know what it’s all about. Hundreds of amateur and professional photographers lined up around St. Stephen’s Green, showing off their work for the whole of the city to see over 2 days at the end of August. That’s basically it.

Procrastinating as I normally do (and admittedly I never actually thought to apply for it), I left it until a few days ago to think about applying. I presumed that all the spaces would be allocated by now but low and behold, a great deal of the south side of the green was free. So I sent off my application and €15 entry fee and thankfully, I’ve now been allocated my space; I’m 425 on the South side. All that’s left to do now is mount loads of prints, find some way of protecting them from the elements (and grubby fingers) and find some accomodation in Dublin. Ohh and if you’re thinking of coming along, keep the 26th and 27th of August free. So much work to do, so little time.

Eventually, when I’ve made up my mind about it, I’ll post a full list of prints that I’m taking with me in case anyone is interested to see what I’ll have on display.

Bit of an afterthought now, but here’s a list of prints for peoples photography. Also, now having returned from Dublin, here’s the verdict on the weekend!

In & Around Tralee


Blow Me

Spent much of last Saturday in Tralee & surrounding areas. The weather proved far better than at home, the nasty cloudy rainy crap lifting no more than 20km before Tralee (town). Quite a few interesting shots to be had, some with awkward lighting but a brave effort was made none the less.

Life & Death



As you’d expect by now, some more can be found on Flickr for your viewing pleasure/pain. In related news, it appears that if I move at a pace somewhat more accelerated than my normal lazy plod, I may be able to get myself a spot to exhibit prints at Dublin’s “Peoples Photography” toward the end of August. Expect a follow up post on that sometime shortly…

Don’t copy that floppy!


Ah the 90’s, when the floppy disk was the saviour of the software piracy world and people were alot easier to scare. Thank God for open source, if only so we don’t have more of this kind of stuff coming out of the woodwork. Now, down with this sort of thing, back to the photos!

Art… of sorts



After putting it off for months, herself that always seems to know better demanded we go to Fermoy today to display some photos at “Art in the Park”, on every Sunday from 11 to 5 (as far as I know). After breaking one frame (it was a cheap one anyway) and sitting around in the glorious sunshine for a few hours, I actually sold a print to someone! Only worthy of mention because the person was a complete stranger. I’ve sold prints in the past to people who are in the print, who know people in the print or friends of family, etc. It was all somewhat of a buzz. So much so that I’m getting more stuff printed this week and heading hopefully heading back next weekend with more. For anyone that’s in two minds about attending this kind of thing; just do it!

Tis the Season


Over the course of the last three days I’ve been doing alot. Mostly melting, what with the burst of heat we’ve been having lately. That and I decided it’s finally time to get off my ass and setup an online gallery to sell prints of photos from. That’s well underway and looking good so far. Other than that, I’ve been dodging responsibility and smiling and nodding alot.


Presumably, everyone in Ireland has already taken the opportunity to indulge in the delights of a well timed barbeque feast. How much more can be said on that? Not alot. If you haven’t already used your disposable bbq, do it now! God knows when it’ll start raining/snowing/sky falling again. Until such time as that happens, I’ll continue to melt.

Barbeque Flame

Cork Week 2006 Begins


Crosshaven, Saturday morning. The tented village has been constructed and everyone seems to be wearing ‘brightly coloured sailing attire’. Even the people that have never been on a boat in their lives. It’s all a bit showy and probably the reason I’ll only go down there once this week, despite wangling a residents pass.


After parking at Camden (the top of the world as far as Crosshaven is concerned), I found that some enterprising chap had somehow removed both the locks on the gates of the old fort, previously locked up tigher than a nuns knickers. Forsaking the possibility for further sailing photographs, I chose to pander to my curiosity and squeeze through the gate and walk around the abandoned fort. Well, it was a golden opportunity; I’ve wanted to get in there for a look around for years. Many more people took the opportunity also, I came upon no fewer than a dozen people walking around, frightening the bejesus out of most of them as I crept from one building to another.




If I could, I’d go back in there with a torch to explore more of the underground passages and big dark rooms. There seem to be alot of underground rooms accessible, I was livid that I couldnt explore further than the flash on my camera would allow. Well, that and I’m paranoid that I’d end up finding a body or something.

Oddly enough, amongst the broken glass and rubble from the derelict buildings, one of the buildings was in remarkably good condition. Almost freshly painted doors and window frames, clean net curtains hanging inside, an obviously cared for garden and the less than distant sound of a dog barking. Could someone actually be living inside the walls of this abandoned fortress?

As I’ve said, there was alot more to explore than I got to. Both for lack of a light source and again, for the paranoid fear that at any second I could have a large Offaly born Garda tapping on my shoulder, asking odd questions about trespassing. I did get a few more, but I’ll get a few more than that if there aren’t any locks on the gates when I go back later this week. As for Cork week; I’d take it or leave it. Generally the latter. It is news though and therefore brings the possibility of getting further exposure in the papers. That’s about the size of it…

Bowers of Flowers (Fota Gardens Part 2)



Following on from part 1, I finally bothered my arse to do the relatively small amount of extra post-process required to get some of the rest of the shots from that Saturday up to scratch. So most of them are up on flickr now, waiting for some abuse/criticism.




The rest are, as you’d expect, firmly nestled in the bosom of Flickr waiting for viewers. Don’t disappoint the photos now, view them…

Oh, I dearly love that new macro lens. Oh how I love it. I should really compose a sonnet for it.

Fota Gardens; Part 1



The start of the Fota Gardens set from a rainy (but not so much) Saturday afternoon. The rest require a select bit of photoshopping which hopefully I’ll tackle over the coming few days. Overall a good day to take photos; assuming of course you were intelligent enough to bring a raincoat (which I was). More of this sort of thing coming soon.

name that plant if you can please


Here begins the bug hunt


It's all in the eyesClick for much bigger

Finally took delivery today of a Sigma 150mm f2.8 macro that I bought last week during an impulse buying session. I say finally because FedEx representatives in Ireland gave me the runaround. As I said some days ago, the first shot I take would be of someones eye. Of course I never specified that it was going to be a human eye…

Cue Trilo the dog, a perfect eye model and a great test for the sharpness of my new bit of kit. Looks sharp enough to me anyway! Another Hong Kong purchase, God knows how much I saved off the retail on this one. Now, less babbling and more making use of available light. Expect far more of the same over the weekend.

Heart of the sunflowerClick for much bigger

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