So much to catch up on, so little time. If this seems as if it’s been getting rather neglected lately, it’s probably because it is! I’ll have to try and re-train myself to post every other day and not once or twice a month when I feel guilty about having no shots to put up and nothing to say.

Enough of the guilt and more of the Donegal photos. A few months ago I got a hot tip on the photography forum of to visit Fort Dunree when on the Inishowen peninsula. When we got up there it was nearly 7pm so we didn’t even think we’d get to see anything. In fact we got the best of the day; It was still bright enough to see all that wasn’t under lock & key and there was nobody around. Well, one guy walking his dogs but he didn’t seem to care that we were there. Although the front gate was locked we found a rather easy way around it and got into the main area of the fort without any trouble. We didn’t get into see the exhibition itself but it wasn’t really anything to worry about. Enough speak, more photos.


Fort Dunree



That’s all for now. Lots more to come in this whole ‘holiday in the north’ series. Stay tuned and until then, a few more of these on flickr.