I realise this is old news by now, but I only discovered it last night and I’m still in awe. I mainly use flickr for photo storage, that is I upload alot to it; not just the one or two from the set I find to be most acceptable. I never know when I’ll want a specific photo or what appeals to what people. I guess it’s nice to have a choice.

Anyway, up till now adding photos to the many flickr groups I’m part of was a one-by-one utter pain in the ringlet. The organizr was no help, only allowing you to click and drag one photo at a time. Given I would upload anything from 30 to 100 photos at a time, adding them to several groups individually was virtual impossibility given that I don’t spent hours sitting in front of the computer anymore.

I was praying for flickr to finally realise that some kind of more sophisticated bulk edit operation was required; as previously it was only possible to batch add tags and other relatively useless information. Ok, so tags aren’t useless, but you get the idea.

Flickr Gamma Organiser

So how delighted was I last night to realise that in the new, overhauled version of flickr and indeed the new overhauled organiser, there is a batch send to group option. You can select a custom set of photos and send them to any group you are part of. About bloody time. I still don’t think much of the layout (although it is a little better than previously). Like many others plauging the flickr forums, I’m waiting for custom skinnable pages to be made available. If ever. This does represent a step in the right direction though and hopefully is the start of a long line of improvements to (dare I say it?) the best photo sharing website on the planet. It seems the move from beta to gamma has suited flickrites well.

Now if only I could just post here more…