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Saturday night/Sunday morning. UCC. Sigma 10-20. That is all.

The Presidents Office


The Crest

Back Alley #1

More here.

A Small bit of Saturday evening excitement


I stress, a small bit… It’s not exactly the great fire of London or a scene from a Hollywood movie, but anyone familiar with Douglas (Cork) will probably know that on the Carrigaline road there are a couple of abandoned houses used regularly by ‘youngsters’ for the purposes of ‘gatting’. Well, now there’s one less…




Snapped quickly before the GardaĆ­ arrived and gave me a short, sharp lesson on pissing off. Nothing too dramatic, more to find out where the plume of smoke was coming from that suddenly wafted in front of the house while I was watching TV and browsing eBay. It begs the question, how much longer until the next abandoned house gets the same treatment? A few more of these.

Rosses Point


I really am putting the cart before the horse now. My sequence of posting images from in & around Donegal is truly screwed up, so why not screw it up a little further? Here are a few photos taken around sunset at Rosses Point in Sligo after a perfect day. And just in case anyones wondering; no I didn’t get wet in the creation of these photos!

Overlooked by Benbulben

Waters Edge #1

A lonely place for a lighthouse


One or two more in this set over on Flickr. Finally got chance to test out my most recent acquisition, a medium neutral density filter.

Fort Dunree


So much to catch up on, so little time. If this seems as if it’s been getting rather neglected lately, it’s probably because it is! I’ll have to try and re-train myself to post every other day and not once or twice a month when I feel guilty about having no shots to put up and nothing to say.

Enough of the guilt and more of the Donegal photos. A few months ago I got a hot tip on the photography forum of to visit Fort Dunree when on the Inishowen peninsula. When we got up there it was nearly 7pm so we didn’t even think we’d get to see anything. In fact we got the best of the day; It was still bright enough to see all that wasn’t under lock & key and there was nobody around. Well, one guy walking his dogs but he didn’t seem to care that we were there. Although the front gate was locked we found a rather easy way around it and got into the main area of the fort without any trouble. We didn’t get into see the exhibition itself but it wasn’t really anything to worry about. Enough speak, more photos.


Fort Dunree



That’s all for now. Lots more to come in this whole ‘holiday in the north’ series. Stay tuned and until then, a few more of these on flickr.

Wanted; Decent Domain Registrar


Given that GoDaddy sucks the sweat of a dead mans balls (not my words but I fully agree) and WSM are stupidly expensive, who should I move all my domains to when my renewals come up later this year? I was going to move them all to GoDaddy, but after the recent fiasco with one of my now ex-domains, I’m looking for someone else. Any recommendations?

flickr finally gets moving


I realise this is old news by now, but I only discovered it last night and I’m still in awe. I mainly use flickr for photo storage, that is I upload alot to it; not just the one or two from the set I find to be most acceptable. I never know when I’ll want a specific photo or what appeals to what people. I guess it’s nice to have a choice.

Anyway, up till now adding photos to the many flickr groups I’m part of was a one-by-one utter pain in the ringlet. The organizr was no help, only allowing you to click and drag one photo at a time. Given I would upload anything from 30 to 100 photos at a time, adding them to several groups individually was virtual impossibility given that I don’t spent hours sitting in front of the computer anymore.

I was praying for flickr to finally realise that some kind of more sophisticated bulk edit operation was required; as previously it was only possible to batch add tags and other relatively useless information. Ok, so tags aren’t useless, but you get the idea.

Flickr Gamma Organiser

So how delighted was I last night to realise that in the new, overhauled version of flickr and indeed the new overhauled organiser, there is a batch send to group option. You can select a custom set of photos and send them to any group you are part of. About bloody time. I still don’t think much of the layout (although it is a little better than previously). Like many others plauging the flickr forums, I’m waiting for custom skinnable pages to be made available. If ever. This does represent a step in the right direction though and hopefully is the start of a long line of improvements to (dare I say it?) the best photo sharing website on the planet. It seems the move from beta to gamma has suited flickrites well.

Now if only I could just post here more…

Midleton Show


It’s all a bit horsey (and poney..ey). From a few Sunday’s ago just outside Midleton in Cork. A few of the more select shots from the day.


Stinky Breath?




Jiminy Jillickers, I just realised it’s been ages since I posted much. I put that down to the fact that I’ve been out taking photos for ages and am only now getting chance to sit down and process them. Until I get chance to post more, there are alot more of this event on flickr. Enjoy!

What I meant to say was…


I’m going to be away for a week starting from the date of my previous post. But now I’m back so it hardly seems important to even post this…

Away where I hear you scream… Donegal, Antrim, Down and Tyrone mostly… Oh and a bit of Sligo. But as I said, I’m back now.

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