Following some good advice, I spent a good portion of last Saturday at Garrettstown beach. The start of the day seemed rather uneventful. It was bitterly cold, hugely windy and the waves were very scrappy/patchy. Not conditions similar to other more eventful trips to Garrettstown. Nevertheless, I stuck around for a few hours; until my grumbling stomach finally got the better of me and I thought I’d retreat for some munchies. How and ever, as it sometimes does, things improved infinitely. On driving past the other end of the beach, I spotted a few lads unrolling and setting up various sails. Aha. Windsurfing! Not only that, kite surfing also! Jackpot…

Kite Surfing in Garrettstown




I’ve wanted to try my hand at kite surfing photography for months. Possibly even longer. Last Saturday could not have presented any better an opportunity to do exactly that. It was a great buzz to photograph, I can only imagine what it’s actually like to be on the board! Thanks to all the lads, kite and wind surfers, that put on such a good show and didn’t once ask why exactly it was that I was standing on the beach pointing a lens towards them. As you’d expect, there are a few more on flickr.