Just before I’m unceremoniously ejected from the bloggie fraternity for lack of posting, I thought I’d stick this one in. It’s a few of the drag racing that took place in Oldchapel, Bandon a couple of weeks back. Typically enough, I arrived well into the event and as such stood no chance whatsoever of getting a decent spot from which to take photos. Add to that the fact I didn’t really feel like being “mr. pushy photojournalist man” and asking people to move so I could steal their spot. Well, that and I didn’t want to get laid out on my back after a slap from a biker after I took his spot. So here you are, make of these what you will..

Passing Go


Taking Off


Sadly, and it was bound to happen eventually, I have discovered the limits of my 5fps 20D. The frame rate just isn’t suitable for high speed motorcycle racing. Then again, what is? I really wanted to hang around and get more panning shots, but the crowd just wouldn’t allow it. Ah well. These shots are also on flickr.