A recent daytrip to Garinish Island off Glengarriff in west Cork yielded the following results. Despite the in-frequent sprinklings of rain (and the possible threat of yet more rain to come) the day went off well. I did not spot one of my fellow Carrigaline Photographic Society members; odd as it was the very reason I was in west Cork to begin with. How and ever, got the ferry out to the island and was highly impressed by the scenery on offer out there.








I can’t wait to get back there when everything is in full bloom. Make sure to leave plenty of time though, get over there early, have a relaxing stroll around and leave buckets of time for a nice pot of tea before you get the ferry back. That’s the way to do it! Until I get back, there are more on flickr and one or two making an appearance on Glassey Alley.