I recently won one of these o2 phones in a post-awards draw from the booty collected by Damien for the Blog Awards earlier this year. It arrived not so long ago along with an unlocking code from o2. After entering the code I fired in my meteor sim and gave it a whirl. I was surprised at it’s weight; I expected it to be alot heavier, something that one could beat down a possible assailant with. Not so. It’s light and well formed. I’m not too sure if I agree with the opinion of a co-worker who thought it was “a phone for a fella”.

It started up quite fast (compared to my W800i) and the menu speed and general use of the phone was surprisingly responsive. No waiting for a few seconds while damn menu pages opened and closed. The 1.3 megapixel camera did take a wee bit to click in but that’s fairly normal. One thing I really like about this phone is the ability to take a photo when it’s closed (using the external LCD).

It’s easy to write a text, store a number, look up the calendar, play mp3’s (note the external audio controls). The audio quality of the headset was good enough for me and it was incredibly nice to see that a USB cable came with the phone for connecting it to a PC (and mac presumably). I like it, if only for the design. It has pleasing (if I can get away with using that word) software on it. It seems simple enough for a beginner to the Samsung UI (i.e. me) yet powerful enough that it includes a fairly diverse set of applications, as far as I can see.

And now for the awkward bit. I’m selling it! I got a Sony Ericsson W800i at the end of last year and am not parting with it. I am however parting with the brand new samsung to part finance the purchase of a new lens. If anyone wants to make me an offer I possibly can’t refuse, either email me; mail [at] rymus [dot] net or leave a comment here. That is all.