It truly frightens me that it’s been a week since I posted a set of photos here… Thank God I have Glassey Alley to keep plugging away on so I don’t feel like a total photoless loser!

Anyway, finally got back to Vernon Mount last Saturday for some more high speed motocross action. I was in luck that it was juniors day (seniors on Sunday) as personally I find the junior races a hell of a lot more fun to watch. A fellow photographer echoed my own opinion that the young fella’s have no fear so they throw themselves around the course like motocross is going out of business. Makes for some big spills; but great thrills. Got some good ones, here are a few.







As you’ll no doubt spot, the few hours I spent up in Vernon Mount gave me ample opportunity to practice my panning technique. It’s coming along nicely, even without a hugely expensive image stabilised lens! There are a few more of this type of thing on flickr.