It turned into another one of those “Where will I go today?” Saturday’s so predictably enough I ended up in Killarney and my second trip in as many months. This time, instead of investigating further into the castle, I took a walk into the woods and I got the opportunity to take (almost) macro’s of anything and everything that caught my eye.





I really did try to take some more landscape photos but the smaller details of the forest were far more interesting.

Something I thought was hugely amusing was the two shots below; which in case you don’t find them as self-explanatory as I imagined they would be…

As we walked into the grounds of Ross Castle, a bridal party followed not too far behind with the presumed intention on getting some lovely scenic wedding photos. Within five minutes it was pelting with rain and they chose to seek shelter under the largest, leafless tree in the area. Needless to say, they got drenched. Odd then that they didn’t stand where I was; under a large purpose built metal shelter.

Bridal Shower 1

Bridal Shower 2

Few more in & around Flickr, in case you haven’t already had enough pseudo-macro-madness to last you.