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Garinish Island


A recent daytrip to Garinish Island off Glengarriff in west Cork yielded the following results. Despite the in-frequent sprinklings of rain (and the possible threat of yet more rain to come) the day went off well. I did not spot one of my fellow Carrigaline Photographic Society members; odd as it was the very reason I was in west Cork to begin with. How and ever, got the ferry out to the island and was highly impressed by the scenery on offer out there.








I can’t wait to get back there when everything is in full bloom. Make sure to leave plenty of time though, get over there early, have a relaxing stroll around and leave buckets of time for a nice pot of tea before you get the ferry back. That’s the way to do it! Until I get back, there are more on flickr and one or two making an appearance on Glassey Alley.

Rocky Bay


Still more from the Easter weekend, this time a few from an absurdly quiet Rocky bay. Perhaps absurdly quiet because it was getting late in the day and the water was like ice. But anyway…

View to the Headland

Running from a wave



58 Surf

Couple more (but not many) here. Thinking back, could this have been one of those “go out just for the sake of taking a few photos” evenings? Curses, the TV is calling…



Been so busy lately I hardly have time to pick up the camera, never mind process, upload and post wonderfully witty blog entries about the photos. So I’m going to catch up on a couple now before I pass out with exhaustion.

These are a few from Myrtleville, taken over the Easter weekend.

Painted Toenails

Finally at the Beach


Burger Bites

There’s a couple more here. Mostly detail shots this time. Supposed to be going to Glengarriff with the Carrigaline Photographic Society this Saturday but it looks like the weather is going to be shocking (but nice on Friday & Sunday typically enough). Guess I’ll just have to bring a raincoat…

Motion Lotion


As a somewhat uninteresting note; I’ve been cleaning my van out lately as I’m getting a new one. I’d often wondered how much I spend on diesel and always meant to add up my wad of receipts, another one of which I lovingly stuff into the glovebox every time I leave any one of our nations many Statoil stations. So, without further timewasting, in (almost) the last two years, I’ve spent a grand total of €4374 on diesel alone. Give or take a few pennies.

That’s what? About €2 per week? 62,000 miles later. I’ll leave it to someone to come up with fancy calculations to work out the fuel efficiency of the engine in my heap of shit van. There, just a little tit-bit of information injected into an otherwise slow Tuesday.

Samsung S500i


I recently won one of these o2 phones in a post-awards draw from the booty collected by Damien for the Blog Awards earlier this year. It arrived not so long ago along with an unlocking code from o2. After entering the code I fired in my meteor sim and gave it a whirl. I was surprised at it’s weight; I expected it to be alot heavier, something that one could beat down a possible assailant with. Not so. It’s light and well formed. I’m not too sure if I agree with the opinion of a co-worker who thought it was “a phone for a fella”.

It started up quite fast (compared to my W800i) and the menu speed and general use of the phone was surprisingly responsive. No waiting for a few seconds while damn menu pages opened and closed. The 1.3 megapixel camera did take a wee bit to click in but that’s fairly normal. One thing I really like about this phone is the ability to take a photo when it’s closed (using the external LCD).

It’s easy to write a text, store a number, look up the calendar, play mp3’s (note the external audio controls). The audio quality of the headset was good enough for me and it was incredibly nice to see that a USB cable came with the phone for connecting it to a PC (and mac presumably). I like it, if only for the design. It has pleasing (if I can get away with using that word) software on it. It seems simple enough for a beginner to the Samsung UI (i.e. me) yet powerful enough that it includes a fairly diverse set of applications, as far as I can see.

And now for the awkward bit. I’m selling it! I got a Sony Ericsson W800i at the end of last year and am not parting with it. I am however parting with the brand new samsung to part finance the purchase of a new lens. If anyone wants to make me an offer I possibly can’t refuse, either email me; mail [at] rymus [dot] net or leave a comment here. That is all.



It truly frightens me that it’s been a week since I posted a set of photos here… Thank God I have Glassey Alley to keep plugging away on so I don’t feel like a total photoless loser!

Anyway, finally got back to Vernon Mount last Saturday for some more high speed motocross action. I was in luck that it was juniors day (seniors on Sunday) as personally I find the junior races a hell of a lot more fun to watch. A fellow photographer echoed my own opinion that the young fella’s have no fear so they throw themselves around the course like motocross is going out of business. Makes for some big spills; but great thrills. Got some good ones, here are a few.







As you’ll no doubt spot, the few hours I spent up in Vernon Mount gave me ample opportunity to practice my panning technique. It’s coming along nicely, even without a hugely expensive image stabilised lens! There are a few more of this type of thing on flickr.

Cork blog pints


In case anyone hasn’t already read the post on Damien’s blog, there’s a Cork bloggers meetup tomorrow at 8pm(ish) in Reidy’s, Western Rd, across from the rubble of the old Jury’s hotel.

Just in case anyone hasn’t already read it…

Server move


I’m taking the rest of the working week to facilitate a long overdue server move for this blog. Everything else (,, etc) is already on the new server and as I’ve only got 15 days of this one left until I have to renew or cancel, I thought I better get my arse in gear.

Long story short, the move is starting right about now so expect (I suppose) anything from 2 to 12 hours of downtime while my surprisingly reliable ‘budget webhost‘ gets to grips with the changeover.

Edit 6th April: Seems to have gone fairly well so far. Time will tell and iron out all those little gremlins I’d gotten rid of before I decided I had to move servers.

Ross Castle: Part II


It turned into another one of those “Where will I go today?” Saturday’s so predictably enough I ended up in Killarney and my second trip in as many months. This time, instead of investigating further into the castle, I took a walk into the woods and I got the opportunity to take (almost) macro’s of anything and everything that caught my eye.





I really did try to take some more landscape photos but the smaller details of the forest were far more interesting.

Something I thought was hugely amusing was the two shots below; which in case you don’t find them as self-explanatory as I imagined they would be…

As we walked into the grounds of Ross Castle, a bridal party followed not too far behind with the presumed intention on getting some lovely scenic wedding photos. Within five minutes it was pelting with rain and they chose to seek shelter under the largest, leafless tree in the area. Needless to say, they got drenched. Odd then that they didn’t stand where I was; under a large purpose built metal shelter.

Bridal Shower 1

Bridal Shower 2

Few more in & around Flickr, in case you haven’t already had enough pseudo-macro-madness to last you.

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