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The planned trip to Dingle went a little sour on Sunday due to the manifestation of a sudden illness on the part of my navigator and chief petty annoyance officer. So, I took to the road myself and after some huge indecision, ended up rather predictably in Killarney. First I flipped a coin, deciding to go to Garretstown or Blarney Castle. Garretstown won but when I got there, no surf to be found. Back to Blarney Castle at 3pm but as it closed at 5 I didn’t fancy paying to get in, only to be kicked out 2 hours later.

Castle & Snowcapped Mountain
Ross Castle

So I took off west on the most awkward route imaginable. I travelled down every country road I could find until, after reaching Rathmore, I figured I may as well travel the last few miles into Killarney. Remembering some advice I got, I took the directions given and found myself in a part of the town I’d never been in before.

Ross Castle

The castle itself is quite impressive, as are the grounds, but I didn’t really fancy paying to get in and then not being able to take any photos once inside. From there I took to one of my favorite roads of all time, the drive past Muckross house, around the mountains to Kenmare. I stopped briefly at Lady’s View, but the dense mist & rain ruined any chance of getting some nice photos. Undeterred, I travelled on to Moll’s Gap and around to Barfinny (Barphinny?) lake, a once popular fishing spot of my troop of trout trouncers.

Barfinny Lake

I sat in the van for a few minutes pondering on the pelting rain, trying to decide if I should step out and chance to take a few shots. I eventually did, putting on my rain jacket and walking down toward the edge of the water to take the above shot. No sooner had I locked the van that the rain stopped and the mist cleared, leaving what you see above… and below.


Near Molls Gap

Near Molls Gap


Golden Mountain

It is nice when things go just right. I must have been sitting on a small ledge for about half an hour just taking landscape shots, such was my amazement at the change of weather and the astounding scene. Hurrah, one or two more on flickr.

Sunny Saturday


Where the hell have I been? No no, where the hell have you been? Just trying to justify yet another few days with no posting, I’ve not gone completely crackers. It was so nice today to wake up and see sun and blue sky outside that I celebrated by getting out of bed at the ungodly hour of 10:30am. Grabbed camera, off to the woods to catch some of the remaining early morning frost. Then to the city and (after test driving an interesting volkswagen golf) more photos!



Whitegate Refinery


Wooden Numbers

That’s pretty much all of em, couple more hanging around you know where though. Tempting fate as it may be, heres hoping the weather holds out until Monday at least for a half-assedly planned trip to Dingle tomorrow.

Spotted on the way home


Sunset on the 1st of March

Saw this scene while driving up the steep hill towards my house on my way home from work a while ago. Only thing that really hits me about it is the view of the county hall in the shot. One of the benefits of living high up I suppose 🙂

Mounting Malady


Back in the day, ohh it must have been about 6 months ago, I decided to launch myself into the vain world of mounting photographs. I perused the small selection of related tools and accessories at my local art supply shop, finally buying a craft knife, a T-square, one of those little red logan freestyle bevel cutters and a small selection of different coloured mount boards. Elated at the possibility of finally mounting and framing some of my prints, I sped home ignoring all traffic lights, zebra crossings and other petty obstacles.

How and ever, as it always seems to be, the task at hand was more difficult than first imagined. First and foremost, I can only imagine that being a lefty didn’t lend itself to being a native mount cutter. Either that or I just suck at cutting mounts. I chose to believe the latter and so broke out in a cold sweat whenever I had to face the challenge of cutting a straight line in a piece of coloured card. No amount of concentration, prescription drugs or alcohol could make me cut a line that was straight, free of burrs and not completely jagged.

So the inevitable choice arose; spend more money or give up completely? Should I buy those hugely over-priced pre-cut mounts (like a loser) or shell out yet more dosh in the never ending quest to further my craft? Given that I’m an idiot…. I chose to shell out more money and bought a Logan 301 from a helpful lass on ebay.

Logan 301

It arrived last night in some unmissable blue wrapping along with a cheery note from the seller. Ebay really is an invaluable resource. After I got it home and finally got all that bubblewrap off it, I unpacked it and gazed in awe. I couldn’t fail this time! Given that I’m in the I.T. industry (and an idiot), I sneered at the the instruction video and manuals, deciding to leave them in the box. I proceeded to mark out a rather large off-cut of mountboard and placed it into the cutter. Five nervous minutes later, I had one almost perfectly cut mountboard. Amazed? I practically soiled myself. Five minutes later I had my second almost perfectly cut board. Long story short, spend the money, don’t be an idiot. Beats buying those damn pre-cut boards any day. Or maybe it doesn’t. Rats!

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