The horrid guilt of not getting out to take any photos this weekend is starting to set in so I guessed I better post something; anything to get that monkey off my back. I suppose I could use the excuse that the weather this weekend was the worst in a long run of weekends, I’m sure that won’t have stopped some of the die-hards out there.

While browsing around DP Review a few days ago I came across a website that could prove incredibly useful. If you’ve just bought a frighteningly expensive lens and asked yourself the question “Where’s my fricking hood?”, this is a website for you.

Free Lens Hoods offers templates that you can freely download, print and cut out to form your own endless supply of circular or petal shaped lens hoods. I have yet to try it out but it looks very promising. If you have a printer capable of producing A3 prints, all the better as some hoods require a larger format. Time to raid the stationary cupboard at work for some cardboard, I can’t imagine a hood made out of copier paper would last too long.

There ya go, just when you thought that you get nothing for nothing these days, along I come with a little piece of brilliance!