Never been to a rally before so I was hugely excited at the prospect after seeing a sign on the roadside. Dropped t’other half to work in Bandon then hastily made my way to Clonakilty. The traffic was frightening; an unhealthy mix of boy racers, white van men and various rally cars.


I eventually made it to the location of the rally (I should say I eventually found the bloody rally) and made it to the incredibly packed spectators line. Sarcasm never did come across too well in blogging so I’ll point out that the “incredibly packed spectators line” was, in fact, the highest form of sarcasm. In future I’ll mark any re-occurences with **. I was the only one standing on the ditch, along with two marshals, who presumably were there to ensure that neither of them strayed into the rally inadvertently.


Given that I arrived several hours late (because I didn’t know it was on), I missed most of the action. I was treated to the last of the vintage run and the entire junior run. I must admit I was expecting great things; mud tracks, powerful cars sliding around corners and so on. I was entirely hopefull that I’d leave covered from head to toe in mud, having been showered with filth every time a car past. Not so. For that I’ll have to travel. Not too shabby for a first rally ever though. Got a few nice photos too!



Got a few more too but left after around an hour due to boredom. Then, when driving down the south link road today I spotted a big sign outside Vernon Mount; “Motocross Sunday 19th March”. Swore? I almost soiled myself.