I would say I’m winding down from the madness of yesterday’s St. Patricks Day antics but that wouldn’t really be true. I’d have to first wind up. I decided to take the lazy option and make the most of my extra day off. To that end, I got out of bed at around 1pm and proceeded to avoid any kind of parade nonsense. I did however take a drive into the city centre to survey the aftermath.

How cool do we look?!?

That was more or less it. Loads of people in various states of inebriation, 90% of which wearing green hats, beards or an article of clothing. Pretty much what I expected. I fled post-haste to the relative safety of Myrtleville beach. After trying to take a decent photograph of the 20ft high waves crashing against the rocks, I got completely soaked head to toe by one of the more powerful waves. Luckily I spotted it heading toward me and had already turned my back with the intent on legging it. Camera didn’t get wet *phew*.

Bunny's in Myrtleville
After the water had calmed somewhat

Taking flight 2


And after all that getting soaked and getting knees covered in sand, a nice cuppa. So that was my St. Patricks day, entirely exciting and full to the brim with action and suspense. I also went to the pub, but that’s not even relevant!

Also, thanks to everyone who’s responded to “I want your body“. It’s going far better than expected so far (in that someone is actually interested). Just have a couple of things to sort out before I can start contacting interested parties to do a shoot.