Along the way (and possibly whilst under the influence of some intoxicating substance) I must have decided I had too much free time. What to do with the dreaded time however? Take up a sport? No, too much running and activity. Start a collection? Too much concentration and patience required. I know, what about setting up a new photoblog? Hurrah!

Something I’d been meaning to do for an age and have hinted at here for some time is converting this blog to a photoblog. Very few words, lots of photos. Well when it came to the crunch I just couldn’t kill this site. It’s grown on me, like some kind of artistic fungus…

With that in mind, please visit, re-visit, bookmark and re-visit again my new photoblog; Glassey Alley! Yeah I know, I couldn’t decide on a domain name so went with something dubious. I didn’t want to get or, that’s just too much typing.

The aim of the game is to post one or more photos per day, every day, until the end of time. Well, the end of time or until I grow unable to hold a camera. They might not always be good, you might have seen some of them posted here before or on my flickr account, but hey, I figure I’m reaching a new audience that I could never have here. I’ll still post photos here; this will always be my place to post a new set and have a little rant when it takes my fancy.

So I urge you all to have a look and if you like it, come back and look again soon. As with all blogs, it’s a work in progress. I appreciate any comments or questions.