In the first of a series of what could quickly become pointless projects, I’m trying to develop my portrait photography skills and so looking for anyone who wants to become a model for an hour or so. Despite the awfully suggestive title, nudity is not a requirement 😀

I could waffle on endlessly but I think everyone has the jist of the idea by now. Doesn’t matter who or where, I’ll travel as far as I need to. I’m just looking for anyone that can accomodate an amateur with an idea. For your generosity, you’ll get one free A4 print plus any further prints at cost price. I’ll give you a DVD of the photos if you wish. I might even buy you a cup of coffee. The whole thing is negotiable as you’d expect. I will of course want to display a certain amount of whatever photos I get so signing a model release (sample) is possibly a necessary evil.

If you’re in any way interested either leave a comment here or email me at mail [at] rymus [dot] net. Right, that’s kookie project number one in progress..