After finding a convenient place to shave my tongue this morning following the previous nights drinking session, I made my way from south Dublin (cheers for the couch Caitriona & Aonghus) back to where I had parked… in Lusk. Eventually found Gavin in Rathfarmham and got back on the long and potholed road to Cork.

So, as you may have guessed it, here come the photos. I made the decision to give practically all of them the black & white treatment ‘cos hey, everyone looks better in b&w! Also, I figure this way I’ll have less people emailing me requesting that their photos be removed from the blog. Congrats to all the winners; I couldn’t be bothered listing them all as it’s been done many times already. Also a huge thanks to Damien who did a wonderful job organising the event and indeed to Rick for ensuring maximum drinking time by not dragging things out. Likewise I’m not going to drag things out; here are a few of the nights photos.








Far more on my flickr account. There’s also loads of other peoples shots available on flickr. It was great to finally put a face to a name for all the fine folks I met on the night, thanks for not vebally abusing me every time I stuck a camera in your face 🙂 (I’ve also decided on some of my now favorite bloggers but I shan’t divulge the details)

Oh and unfortunately my well rehearsed and finely polished acceptance speech goes back into the cupboard until next year. Just in case you hadn’t already figured it out…