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New Years Day


Back to known ground; the Old Head of Kinsale & Garretstown for a new years day stroll. Given that I’m not too fond of the old head, call it morbid fear of being blown off a cliff by a freak gust of wind, I still managed to get a few shots before we hastily retreated to Garretstown. It’s so good to be back at sea level..

Garretstown Swimmers
Walking the dog
Rickity old fence
Old Head Ruin
I’ll have to get around to making that Flickr button…. Until I do, click here for more photos.

So long Culture.. we hardly knew ya!


Now that 2006 has begun, that can mean only one thing for all those hard working folks over at Cork2005; The reign as Capital of Culture is now over. Like many people I’ve spoken to over the past year, I wondered if/when it began.

On new years eve, I gathered with many others close to the airport (with a commanding view over the city) to see the fireworks. Armed with my camera, but not really wanting to take any photos due to the driving rain and gusting wind, I watched the 20 minute late show. Not wanting to provide any kind of disappointment, I took a few very suspect photos, certainly nothing of the standard I could have gotten if I had ventured into the city or had a vantage point as favorable as those cursed press photographers! But I’m not bitter, oh no!

As you might expect, there are more on flickr… but they’re probably not worth looking at!

Flashback to St. Stephens Day


Opposed as I am to all things bloodsport, I won’t be going on endlessly about this one. I just thought I’d mention it in passing before I start posting loads of new stuff…



Couple more on Flickr.

Version 2.0


I’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to WordPress 2.0. It’s caused some minor headaches with the flickr album plugin so I’ve disabled it for now. Any would-be photo browsers among you can still get them at

For anyone in the same position (thinking of upgrading to WordPress 2.0 and running the beta one version of the K2 theme), it might interest you to know that there is a new version of K2 available to correct all your SQL related woes.

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