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Farran Woods


Bit of a dry spell of late so I’ll post a quick couple of shots from Farran Woods I got the weekend before last. The photos, like the woods itself, are nothing too outstanding; Just a little something to fill up empty space.


Deer in Farran Wood

Few more on Flickr.

150 million reasons to do a quick pick on the way home…


Ahh one hundred and fifty million euro’s. Enough to completely ruin one persons life, enough to change 150 peoples lives forever, still enough to set 300 people up comfortably for a long time. Enough even to allow 600 people to get onto the property ladder almost debt free. Enough to allow 1200 people to be debt free and put Eddie Hobbs (almost) out of work.

Alot of money, too much for one person… With that in mind, I’ll have to remember to pick my lucky numbers on the way home!

The Gearagh


Just outside Macroom on the road to Inchigeela is The Gearagh region of the Lee valley. I can’t quite believe I missed it the last time; I must have been half asleep driving west. But anyway here it is in all it’s creepyness.

Gearagh Swans



Not a very inviting place to sit...

That’s about all I’m going to subject you to for now. Flickr for more.

Flashback to the 1980’s


Courtesy of those good people over at TV Ark. After spending another long session over on this truly amazing website I thought I’d share some of my favorite clips.

Realplayer is required to view all of the clips above. Now for a short disclaimer; if you only find yourself emerging from the other side of the TV Ark website in a weeks time, Rymus {dot} Net is not liable to reimburse your 7 days worth of life. There is an ungodly amount of nostalgia in there. You may want to wear a mask or something…

Inch Strand


After getting some truly splendid directions, we decided to take a spin to now famous Inch strand in east Cork. Famous for all the wrong reasons though. It is quite a hard place to find, but oddly rewarding once you do find it. It’s yet another surfing beach and come the spring will make yet another weekend attraction for me to lounge around at with my camera in tow. But for now…


Tired, heavy Bee

Retiring Surfer


Yup, you guessed it… more on flickr. As a related side note; along with everyone else, I got a bandwidth upgrade this morning on my DSL. I can tell ya, uploading photos at 256k is alot less painful than 128k!

Also, before any helpful soul points it out; I now realise that my sensor needs a cleaning. I shall attend to it tomorrow!

Some Inspiration


If you need it that is. One could spend a short lifetime browsing around the archives at Time & Life Pictures. Some very good photos there as you might expect. It’s worth a look, even if you only get the 10 minutes of your coffee break to flick around it at speed.

Still more Gougane Barra


Inkeeping with my seemingly growing addiction of visiting & photographing Gougane Barra, today we took a drive to (surprise surprise) Gougane Barra! It all happened by accident you see, I was actually looking for somewhere completely different. Honest! I’m not overly pleased with most of these shots, I thought I just better post something before people start wondering if I’d sailed off the edge of the world.




There; make of them what you will. I’m off to watch CSI: Miami. But before I do, I may as well mention that there are, as you may expect, more on Flickr.

Some of Youghal, some of Whitegate


Just one of those days you can’t decide where you want to be. Eventually I decided I’d head over to the beach at Inch but neither me or my gps could figure out which way I was headed. I gave up, went to Youghal to save the poor witless dog in the passenger seat from going absolutely nuts. One of these days I’ll have to make a plan. A fine plan of where I’m going for the weekend and what I’m going to take pictures of. Yeah, that’ll happen…

Yes, of course, there are more on Flickr. But not that many more.

If you like what you see…


nominate me! The very first Irish blog awards are up & running courtesy of Damien Mulley and it’s time to get nominating your favorite blogs. Like a politician around election time, I’m out beating down the virtual doors in efforts to get votes…

But eh, no. What I will say though is if you like what you see here on any kind of regular basis don’t be afraid to send in an ol’ message. I might yet win something (if Damien comes up with prizes in time :P)

If you wish to nominate me, send an email to irishawards [at] gmail [dot] com stating you wish me to win the best photo blog category! If not for me, do it for your country!

Edit – 6/2/06
Voting is now open for the Irish Blog Awards. I’m nominated under two categories, best photoblog for obvious reasons and best blog post for my mega-rant on my driving tests. If you like my blog, vote for it here by filling out the form. While you’re there, vote Munster Pubs for best group blog.

Also, to whoever nominated me for best blog post… cheers 🙂

I’m kina sorry now that I didn’t stick myself in for best personal blog too.. Rats!

Conduire a What?!?


Conduire a WHAT?

Several weeks ago, I spotted a rather odd sign while driving out of Cork airport. It appeared to be advising English & German speakers to drive on the left side of the road, whereas French speakers should drive on the right! Since first sighting the piece of genius signage, it has provided me with chuckles every time I drive out of the airport grounds. I’m not the only person to spot it though. Damien also raised the issue which prompted me to finally get a photo of the sign this afternoon. Several boards users have also made the discovery.

I can only hope it wasn’t the cause of several preventable rental car pile-ups on the airport roundabout…

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