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I’ve been doing some limited humming and hawing… Is this a photoblog or simply a blog with photos? This revelation is brought on by a decision to think about (yes it’s all very concrete at the moment) changing the blog format to a more traditional photoblog format. That is, one image front & centre instead of the bog standard listing of recent entries format. I’m puzzled. Am I a photoblogger? Am I a blogger who posts photos? Is there a difference? If I changed the wordpress theme would it change my standing in the blogosphere? Am I going through a bloglife crisis? Yeesh…

I do be famed!


Or something like that. One of my forest park shots (in fact, the one directly below this post) has been featured as photo of the day on The Digital Photography Weblog. I now fear I may dislocate my shoulder trying to pat myself on the back…

Lough Key Forest Park


Just outside Boyle, Co. Roscommon lies Lough Key. On the shores of Lough Key is well, it’s pretty self-explanatory given the title. I’d quite like to know the full history of the area, my googling skill must be slipping recently as I can’t seem to find anything of much substance. What really set my mind going was the series of underground tunnels and what their use could have been.

The whole park is massive and we took a wet & dismal afternoon to discover it and become completely drenched in the process. There were vast carpets of golden leaves all over the place, the ‘bog garden’ was slightly less impressive than I had been led to believe but the rest was quite an experience. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in the north-west. If you do go, keep a look out for my stofen omnibounce. I lost it somewhere in the course of a several mile walk and despite backtracking somewhat I couldn’t find it. Oh well, better to lose that than the car keys I guess!

Yep, there’s more on Flickr!

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