Having gotten a little tired with the same old theme, I decided to try out K2, a delightful little WordPress mod. After a bit of farting around (ok, alot of farting around; I just realised it’s 2am) it’s finally working in some acceptable way. It also means that the one plugin I’ve wanted to get working for yonks is now finally somewhat working. FAlbum is up and whirring away so all my flickr photos are available through that tidy little link at the top of the page. Firefox users may see problems, but IE surfers should be grand. I have no explanation for this and it’s too early/late for further googling on the topic.

Next stop, fixing the RSS. No, I haven’t forgotten about my loyal readers (all 2 of you) with your RSS readers.

Update: Praise the Lord! RSS is now, once again fully functional.