My dire plan to take over the world one photograph at a time moves a step closer to realisation.*rubs hands in an evil fashion* Either that or I’m just having a very good week!

On returning home this evening I found an envelope containing several prints I entered into the SACC Evening Echo photo competition quite hurridely(sp?) about a month or so ago. Thinking it couldn’t be a good sign that they’d actually returned my prints to me, I was overjoyed to read the enclosed letter; the jist of which was

Congratulations, you are shortlisted.

Needless to say that I’ll be attending the function in the Rochestown Park Hotel next Tuesday night to see if I actually have won anything. At the very least I’m delighted to have been shortlisted. Below are the 10 photos I entered to the competition.

“Skateboarding in Cork” – Category: Sport

“On the crest of a wave” – Category: Sport

“Eighteen Turns” – Category: Cork Culture

“Céilí Mór” – Category: Cork Culture

Lee Swim
“The Lee Swim” – Category: Cork Culture

“Inniscarra Dam” – Category: Landscape

“Charlesfort Graveyard” – Category: Landscape

“Gougane Barra” – Category: Landscape

make hay while the sun shines?
“Making hay while the sun shines” – Category: People

“Tall Ships Crew” – Category: People