I recently submitted 10 photos to shutterstock in an attempt to get approved and make a bit of moolah. The photos I submitted for approval were, in my usual style, a mixture of sports, events and arty stuff. It would appear that the bigwigs at shutterstock want mindless camera clickery. Oooh no, nothing too far from the ordinary. Nothing with a bit of contrast. In fact, the only two that were accepted were a fairly standard shot of the surfers in Garretstown and a fireworks shot from Cobh. I’m disgusted. How patronising was the email they sent me? Something like;

“We hope you develop your skills and return to us at a later date”

I know I’m far from professional but every so often I am capable of taking a decent photograph. I know that from the comments I get on some of them. A good deal of my stuff might not be pro standard but I get lucky every so often. I guess I’m just nursing a bruised ego at the moment. Feckers!