The results of my very first Copper Hill cleaning are in and I must say, they’re awesome! The kit arrived this morning, handed to me by the postman just before I left for work. I followed the included instructions to the letter and all went well. It’s a hugely uncomfortable feeling, putting pressure on an instrument which is directly in contact with the AA filter but alls well that ends well. Still left with a bit of krud along the bottom of the frame but no doubt that’ll sort itself out with future cleanings. I won’t waffle on endlessly, instead the pictures can do the talking.

All the photos are clickable; so click on them to view the high-res version. Only post-process was to tweak the highlights so dust is more visible and resize for the web.

Before I started. Taken at f32

After the 1st swab. Dust starts to move around and become streaky. (f32)

After the 2nd swab. Much of the dust has now gone, or simply been moved to the bottom of the frame. (f32)

Again more dust has disappeared and the thick trail of dust at the bottom of the frame begins to break up. (f32)

Practically all of the dust has been removed now, leaving only some in the line at the bottom of the frame. (f32)

I decided to stop swabbing after the 4th pass and label the venture as an unprecedented success. I am left with the the line of dust at the bottom of the frame but as I have said above, I’m sure I can remove that as my practice with swabbing and my confidence improves. Just for larfs I decided to take a quicky at f8, which up until today was producing several dark spots on images and some distortion on the right of the frame.

f8 and not a cloud in the sky

Those are results I can most definately live with. A big thanks to the first brave pioneering photographer that decided to put pec pad to sensor.

Update: Got rid of the line of dust in one go after a smidgin of reading.