Previously I hummed and hawed about organising a Photoblogger/Flickr/Anyone interested meetup for sometime…

Following a good response on the original idea, I’d like to propose Saturday the 29th October as the big day. I think the schools are on mid-term around then, which would no doubt make it easier for some to travel. I’m still open to suggestions on a location. Cobh, Co. Cork has been suggested as one possibility; if only for it’s numerous bars and nearby attractions such as Fota Wildlife Park (if wildlife photography floats your boat). I was thinking of somewhere more Galwegian myself or at least somewhere on the road between Ennis and Galway.

I’m open to suggestions and people whinging about the date. I just thought I’d throw something out provisionally so people don’t think I’ve forgotten about them 😉

Edit: If the 29th is no good, please suggest another date. The name of the game at the moment is accomodate as many as possible.

Update again: Now why didn’t I think of that? Gavin brought it to my attention that the weekend of the 29th is the weekend of the Cork Jazz Festival. No you don’t have to have an active interest in Jazz. I’m not even going to say it’d help to have an interest. Personally I can’t stand the stuff. It does however make for some interesting shots. Aswell as avoid obnoxious saxophony(?), there are too many other things to list in the area to do. There, it’s floated. Anyone interested?

Update again again: Converge on the bar in the new Clarion hotel for 2pm ish from where we will plan our photographic attack on the city. Some post-attack drinkies will be had in a non-city centre, possibly jazz free location. Possibly around Douglas, or whatever suburban bar will have us. Be there or be a trapezoid.

Just for you easily confused out-of-towners, heres a Google Earth map to the Clarion

Update 13th Oct: I’m sure this little fact has already crossed the minds of everyone that’s intending on coming to the meetup but if you haven’t already booked a hotel/b&b/hostel/cardboard box then do so now! Jazz weekend is possibly the busiest weekend of the entire year in Cork so if you haven’t already booked somewhere, get booking! If you can’t book something in the city, chances are you’ll get something suburban. Carrigaline, Ballincollig, Douglas, Rochestown, Little Island (new Radison hotel), Glounthane and a few more are all quite close and easily reachable by taxi. If there’s anyone really stuck, I’ve got a tent I can and will loan.