I’d been meaning to call into Fota House for months to see the installation “Eighteen Turns” by Daniel Libeskind that I’d seen a few times in the papers and heard bits and pieces about. So, to lighten the disappointment at the Slow Food Festival, I took off down to Fota!

Good job too; it was quite peaceful when I arrived and I took a stroll through the gardens and casually made my way to the front of Fota House, where the pavilion is located. I thought it quite impressive and I spent a while taking pictures with intermittent stopping and sitting (ahh, peace & quiet is great). Screaming babies arrived with their parental units and I put my mind back into taking pictures. Screaming babies left and I could have heard the gentle roll of a golf ball on the nearby Fota golf course. Ahh silence. A few more pictures and then, over the hill like a great thunder cloud, came a bus load of tourists. I made my hurried escape around the back of Fota House and eluded the hoards of point & shooters. Cursed masses spoiled my tranquility!

A cause for celebration and reflection; In the course of taking the “Eighteen Turns” photos, the counter on my camera rolled over to 0001. Yes, I’ve now taken over 10,000 shots with the camera I only got such a short few months ago. Frightening!

As you may have guessed, there are alot more on Flickr (which are probably worth viewing.. at least in my opinion..)