From the Ramble Inn in Halfway (Cork; Bandon rd), this years Vintage Festival proved to be a good day out and we spent more than the half an hour I presumed we’d stay. The Fuchsia Band provided the ceoil and the few dancers (both spontaneous and pre-planned) added a smidgin of craic. There was a raffle where prizes included not but a spanking new pair of pants, but a professional friar and a mug of tay (according to Maírtín of The Fuchsia Band anyway).

There was a whole lotta threshin’ goin’ on too. I pretended to understand it completely while photographing it, but I think I got as much of it as the foreign guy walking around with a pentax on a tripod.

Plenty of vintage cars & bikes, most notably a wartime harley and a couple of nice corvettes that turned up toward the end of the day (and looked like they needed a good wash).

Good day had by all overall, although some people don’t know how to take “I’m not with the media” as an acceptable answer.