Forgive my scepticism, which I hope will not be picked up as anti-homosexual propaganda, but the announcement that Westlife’s Mark Feehily is gay strikes me as odd. Is there always one gay one? Is that the secret to boyband success? This generations Stephen Gately has stood up and spoken of the love that dare not speak it’s name.

Did Boyzone sell anymore records when Gately came out? A nation of mothers, previously scornful of his crafty dance moves and presumed alterior motives suddenly loved him. Good old ‘safe’ men, eh? Teenagers.. well, they’re teenagers. They don’t know what the hell to think even at the best of times. Will Westlife sell more hamfisted cover versions and touchy feely albums off the back of this announcement? Are they even still together? I must admit at being out of the boyband loop somewhat. I wonder if I came out, would I get paid more at work? Hell, I’d wear a sequin dress and call myself Gobnait for a few grand extra per annum.

In what had to be a very badly advised interview with The Sun, he commented;

I am gay and I’m very proud of who I am. I’m not asking for any sympathy or to be a role model to anyone else.

Sympathy? Is he gay and dying? Role model? Is he gay and dying and a superhero? This is the most confused I’ve been so far today!?! If that truly is what he said, which would be a first for The Sun, it’s a very Bushesque remark. If it’s not just a Louis Walsh type plan to extract more cash from teenyboppers parents I’m glad for both him that he’s gotten what was no doubt a weighty secret off his shoulders. In the greater scheme of things however, I don’t see how this is news. Must be a slower than usual day in the offices of The Sun.

Hold on… by blogging this I’m perpetuating the myth that it is news! Damn my hypocritical mouse clicking finger! Damien points out that all the signs were there. Anyone that was paying attention probably noticed all these things already.

The main surprise surely is that some people were surprised. He’s young, loaded and classed as good-looking, that he didn’t have some cute and clever young girl riding him to the altar is a big hint that he’s gay.

I’ll have to try to keep up with the celebrity lifestyles in future. Ah screw it, I’ll pay someone to research and give me the summary.