No, it’s not a dodgy 50’s horror film, today is “International Left-Handers Day”! I celebrate this wonderful yet oddly obscure day with fellow left-handed humans including our very own Bertie Ahern, Bill Clinton, Julius Caesar, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie (purrrr), Nicole Kidman (purrrr x 2), Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso and my own personal hero; Matt Groening – creator of The Simpsons.

Lest we forget Sir Paul Mc Cartney and Kurt Cobain also belong in the list. We are among the sinister (Latin) in society, the strange ones (Ciotóg – Irish), the awkward and clumsy (Gauche – French) and more inslultingly the maimed (Mancini – Italian). We represent 10% of the population that for 40,000 years, history has saught to wipe out. The Inuit people thought us sorcerers, in Japan a man can divorce his wife if she’s a lefty and the less than level headed Spanish used to torture and kill us for favoring “the hand of the Devil”.

Even at home the reclusive left-hander wasn’t safe. As recent as 1960’s Ireland, students were forced to write with their right hand and punished if they used their left. God bless that wacky church mentality. The French put their (left) thumb on the answer. Left-handed people have survived because apparently we’re bloody good fighters. Everybody knows a “southpaw” often surprises their rivals with a knockout punch that seemed to come from nowhere.

Behold and Celebrate; The left hand of Rymus!

The Left-Handers Club of Ireland