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Assorted WordPress Themery


Alas I’m putting together a new site and what better way to do it than with wordpress! At least that’s what I thought. It’s been a few years since I put a html/asp/php site together myself with the likes of dreamweaver so I’m understandably rusty, at least as far as coding is concerned…

I already have 3/4 of the site built in Movable Type, but of course I want to evade the rebuild and rebuild and rebuild again mt lifestyle in favor of a more footloose and fancy free wordpress social stance (or something). I even contemplated paying the God & Goddess of theme over at to build it for me but I suppose I’d feel like I’ve actually accomplished something if I do it myself.

And so (eventually) onto my question. Does anyone know of any theme/template tutorials written with the absolute beginner/idiot in mind? I’ve searched google but trying to piece the bits together is doing my head in. I want something I can upload images to, display them in a couple of different category archives and link to their individual archive pages from those category archives. *phew* That all looked so much more straight forward when I scribbled it down on a scrap of paper last night.

UCC & The Lewis Glucksman Gallery


A very dodgy attempt at stitching. I suppose it’s something that I didn’t expect a photo with a total angle of around 180 degrees to come out perfectly without the use of a super wide angle. Groovy!

The main reason for visiting UCC was to see the Glucksman gallery, which if it lived up to the couple of small photos I’ve seen so far, should prove to be good. It was, in a word, “bleh”. Some nice angles and interesting textures on the outside of the building but didn’t see much of the inside as I was asked (very politely I might add) to leave. I suppose that’s what you get when you take a whopping great big camera into an artsy fartsy gallery. Damn commies!

As usual, several more on Flickr.

Perfect Partner


Buy “John Peel: A Life in Music“. Also of interest, the book Amazon reckons is the perfect partner for the John Peel book…

Philip & Madge


Some time ago, two skeletons made their way into our home and perched themselves on the fireplace. Each day we’d find them in different lewd positions, each more tantalising than the last. Then they went missing for a while. We just presumed they’d made their way back to wherever they had come from. Not so. Thus begins the saga of Philip & Madge. Madge is on the missing list, we all fear for her safety but none more so than Philip, her long-term sexual chewtoy.

Phil has become so anxious for the safe return of Madge that he has begun campaigning with cryptic posters and placards; most often in the grassy expanses to the rear of the house. The pent up sexual frustration is killing him; we may have to consider introducing the skeleton of a sheep into the surroundings to calm the atmosphere. He’s currently poised on a plum in the fruit bowl, pondering his next Ghandiesque demonstration.

This might not be photography, but at least it’s somewhat creative!

Now with added randomness!


Following a msn chat with Gavin some time ago on the subject of randomising the header image in a blog, I decided to do a quick bit of surgery. This script from Matt made the whole operation a 1 minute job. Created a few more headers in photoshop, uploaded along with the script, edited the stylesheet and voila!

Now I just have to convince myself I like it. Otherwise it’ll disappear; almost as fast as it appeared…

Cork Folk Dance Fest


A veritable Fest of Folk Dance in Cork! Took place on Patrick St on Saturday last. Those with slow fingers will have missed it entirely. I found that after returning to the van for my long lens (approx 5 min round trip) and having walked back up Patrick st towards Grand Parade the masses had cleared out. It was over. So I suppose I was pretty lucky to get the shots I did before the Lee swim started.

A member of the Hannover Minstrels dances with a young member of the audience

Levitation? Or just good timing?

Ahh reaping the benefits of looking like a press photographer and not like a pervert!
(of which I am neither I might add…)

More belly… I mean pictures on Flickr

Halfway Vintage Festival


From the Ramble Inn in Halfway (Cork; Bandon rd), this years Vintage Festival proved to be a good day out and we spent more than the half an hour I presumed we’d stay. The Fuchsia Band provided the ceoil and the few dancers (both spontaneous and pre-planned) added a smidgin of craic. There was a raffle where prizes included not but a spanking new pair of pants, but a professional friar and a mug of tay (according to Maírtín of The Fuchsia Band anyway).

There was a whole lotta threshin’ goin’ on too. I pretended to understand it completely while photographing it, but I think I got as much of it as the foreign guy walking around with a pentax on a tripod.

Plenty of vintage cars & bikes, most notably a wartime harley and a couple of nice corvettes that turned up toward the end of the day (and looked like they needed a good wash).

Good day had by all overall, although some people don’t know how to take “I’m not with the media” as an acceptable answer.



Would it be too bold to gauge interest in the possibility of a photoblogger/flickr meetup? Initially I’d be looking at holding it somewhere in Cork/Kerry but I am open to any suggestions from interested parties. I think the general format is to meetup somewhere, shoot the hell out of it (with cameras obviously, leave your rifles at home), have a few pints whilst intellectually (or otherwise) digesting the days events.

I know there are a hell of a lot of people around that fall into either the photoblogger or flickr user categories so if interested, sign on the line (or leave a comment, whichever is easier). A little publicity would help too so feel free to link to this from your own blog.

Lee Swim


On Saturday last, 100 brave swimmers took to the river Lee in Cork and swam from the old distillery to the new clarion hotel. Why brave? Because I don’t know anyone that would dare even dip their toe in such dank, murky waters without first being innoculated for every disease known to man (and a few that are just specific to the river Lee). With the looming threat of seeing all the swimmers hospitalised, the event went off hitchless. Aside from hearing that one woman was taken away in an ambulance shortly before the very delayed start. But that was probably due to the massive heat. The photos came out well thankfully.

Flicky Flicky

Westlife creates news!


Forgive my scepticism, which I hope will not be picked up as anti-homosexual propaganda, but the announcement that Westlife’s Mark Feehily is gay strikes me as odd. Is there always one gay one? Is that the secret to boyband success? This generations Stephen Gately has stood up and spoken of the love that dare not speak it’s name.

Did Boyzone sell anymore records when Gately came out? A nation of mothers, previously scornful of his crafty dance moves and presumed alterior motives suddenly loved him. Good old ‘safe’ men, eh? Teenagers.. well, they’re teenagers. They don’t know what the hell to think even at the best of times. Will Westlife sell more hamfisted cover versions and touchy feely albums off the back of this announcement? Are they even still together? I must admit at being out of the boyband loop somewhat. I wonder if I came out, would I get paid more at work? Hell, I’d wear a sequin dress and call myself Gobnait for a few grand extra per annum.

In what had to be a very badly advised interview with The Sun, he commented;

I am gay and I’m very proud of who I am. I’m not asking for any sympathy or to be a role model to anyone else.

Sympathy? Is he gay and dying? Role model? Is he gay and dying and a superhero? This is the most confused I’ve been so far today!?! If that truly is what he said, which would be a first for The Sun, it’s a very Bushesque remark. If it’s not just a Louis Walsh type plan to extract more cash from teenyboppers parents I’m glad for both him that he’s gotten what was no doubt a weighty secret off his shoulders. In the greater scheme of things however, I don’t see how this is news. Must be a slower than usual day in the offices of The Sun.

Hold on… by blogging this I’m perpetuating the myth that it is news! Damn my hypocritical mouse clicking finger! Damien points out that all the signs were there. Anyone that was paying attention probably noticed all these things already.

The main surprise surely is that some people were surprised. He’s young, loaded and classed as good-looking, that he didn’t have some cute and clever young girl riding him to the altar is a big hint that he’s gay.

I’ll have to try to keep up with the celebrity lifestyles in future. Ah screw it, I’ll pay someone to research and give me the summary.

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