After seeing how much my maxtor external hard drive was suffering under the strain of all the photos, I decided it should return to the function it was initally bought for; to be a backup device. So after installing a 300GB sata drive alongside my existing 250GB, I went through the motions of moving everything over to what will be a more or less dedicated photo drive. When checking if all my stuff was there, I came across a few hundred photos I couldn’t believe I hadn’t uploaded to Flickr with all the rest of my stuff. So, I bring you, blasts from the past. A few sets of photos taken over the past few years.

Full Set

Back in June 2003, the day of the solstice(sp?) to be precise, I decided to put some juice into the ol’ motorbike and take what I presumed would be a small spin. Approx 250 miles and 9 hours later I got home after seeing much of west Cork. I rode country grass tracks, highways and by-ways through many of the region’s towns and villages. I saw a few places I’d never been before and best of all, managed to ride around with a perfectly clear head for the entire day. It’s only when I think back I realise now how much I miss riding my bike every day of the year. More on Flickr.