Oh holiest of holies.. Ohh eternal monument to mans creative powers… “Holy Macaroni!”

Fiddling around with a Dell Latitude X1. Smaller than the X300, something I would not have thought possible. Trade-off’s come with smaller size however. Although the screen is now a pleasing 12.1″ widescreen and the resolution is far higher than in the X300, the keyboard requires the speedy fingers of a Barbie doll on halucinogens in order to type in any functional way. Forget about using the trackpad too, I gave up after about 30 seconds and plugged in the included USB mouse.

It’s nice to see a compact flash slot in the side, handy for downloading all those thousands of pictures from your DSLR when on the road before finding the nearest wireless hotspot to upload them to the web. Either that or burn them onto CD or DVD with the included DVD-R drive. Nice to see a gig of ram and a 60gb hard drive in a laptop this small too.

Had I the bones of €1500 hanging out of my back pocket and not a tap to do with it I’d consider making an impulse buy. Reminds me alot of the uber small Sony VAIO with a Dell dashboard. It’s nice… a little too nice! I wonder how far I’d get with it stuffed down the front of my pants before being rumbled…