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A few photos (eventually) from a bank holiday Monday in June.

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer


The Maxwell Edison Story. A violent romp inspired by a John Lennon & Paul McCartney song of a similar name.

Micheal Jackson cleared on all charges



Ireland may, but I sure as hell don’t believe in a mentally ill, dillusional, twisted freak of a celebrity. Now that he has been cleared, will we have yet more touchy feely Micheal Jackson songs rammed down our throats? Go back to the leather jacket, permed hair and oh yeah, being black.

How quickly things go downhill…


That blokes a nutter… Oi, nutter!

No infringing on your own copyright!

0 reports on the experiences of one amateur photographer that had an interesting experience trying to get her photos printed.

Just keep it in mind to add some blur, rotate a few degrees to the left and crop somones head off in photoshop before you send your stuff to get printed. Otherwise you just may end up infringing on your own copyright. Scary stuff indeed from the homeland of paranoia.

The Portable Storage Solution


I was faffing around for a while trying to think of the right portable storage device to complement my new 20D. Figuring out how much storage you’ll need for photos when you’re packing an 8.2mp camera is like negotiation a minefield. Long gone are the days with the old point and shoot camera when one 512mb card would last a few days. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge to fill a 1gb compact flash card in 20 mins these days. Well, that’s only 95 RAW images after all!

Back to the point of the post… I was looking longingly at the Epson P2000 and considered it as a contender for my cash eventually. It’s screen makes it ideal for reviewing pictures and even watching the odd movie. Sadly it’s let down by it’s short battery life, some users reporting they were only able to copy around 9gb of data before the battery died. For a unit currently retailing at EUR485 over on technikdirekt, I would like a bit more life than that.

I looked at the Flashtrax and then looked elsewhere. I actually saw a 20gb model yesterday in PC World, Waterford for the insane price of EUR539. I ran, not walked away from that one. From lurking around the forums I spotted a cheap & cheerful option, the PD70X distributed by EastGear. I researched a bit and finally bought a unit sans hard drive as I can add a 40gb drive myself for little extra cost. From the reports of past customers it looks quite promising, and although I won’t have it until the end of June/start of July I do get a free pack of rechargeable batteries and a car adaptor with which to charge it for my inconvenience. All for around EUR100. Not too much more expensive than a 1gb compact flash card. As always, I’ll report back on my hugely scientific findings when I have some.

“Operation Surround” went underground…


…or so it would seem from the complete lack of law enforcement over the busiest weekend in the year. In the few days leading up to the bank holiday weekend, there were countless warnings issued on local and national radio, TV and newspapers about the impending doom of countless roadblocks, checkpoints and hugely sophisticated means of catching those who choose to drink and drive.

Where did this vast operation take place? Was it centered locally in the Wicklow mountains? Somewhere north of Letterkenny? Was it even in Ireland? Due to some manic photo sessions over the weekend I found myself on the roads quite a bit at various times of the day & night. The only thing I noticed about “Operation Surround” was the complete lack of it.

With no great pride in the state of the country I feel safe in saying I could have had my fill of pints in the city on Friday evening and gotten home eventually without being stopped by so much as a wandering hobo. Of course I didn’t, that would be just stupid. I had great notions of there being checkpoints setup on many of the major routes and come Tuesday morning fantastic news of hundreds of drunk drivers prosecuted. I think I need not bite my tongue until tomorrow when I say that statistics can be made up to prove anything. No doubt some Garda spokesman will appear on the six o’ clock news tomorrow spouting figures of X amount of drunk drivers were stopped and breathalised over the weekend. I’m willing to bet that 0 of that X number were stopped anywhere in the south Cork county area.

Over the weekend I saw no less than 3 seperate accidents on the roads. Wether or not any of them were caused by drinking I obviously don’t know, but I mean 3 accidents in 3 days is a bit much. Is my desensitised nature wearing off? I think not. It appears this country and it’s officials are getting more complacent (hardly news at this stage). Is natural selection a good way to allow the drink drivers to wipe themselves out? It seems that’s what the Gardai have resorted to. “Operation Surround” my arse!

The Undertones


Playing at Bandon Music Festival on Sunday night

Victor Frankenstein


A hugely impressive show, although sadly my noisy, out of focus pictures don’t show it very well.

Ocean to City boat race


One sample from the boat race. I have to admit it wasn’t the spectacle I was led to believe it would be. From the reports on the news I was expecting to see a hundred or so boats fighting their way down the river towards the city. It was disappointing to see them finishing in their ones and twos. I’d like to see pics from anyone that watched it from Passage West though…

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