“Kev?”, “Bev?”. “Kev!”, “Bev!”. The long running AA car loan commercial we’ve all seen featuring Kev and Bev played by Mark Burdis and Olivia Coleman. Well all is not well in AA town. I was distraught to see that my beloved Bev has been usurped and replaced by a woman I could never see being likely to be granted a car loan. Especially for a Volvo!

Above, the original Bev with Kev

Am I to presume that original Bev has been tied up and is being stored in Kev’s basement? Is she concealed in the no doubt ample trunk of the old red Volvo? I fear greatly for her safety and am concerned that new Bev’s recent appearance may be a permanant fixture. Yahoo! news reports that Olivia Coleman is currently seeking other roles. Farewell Olivia, you’ll always be Bev to me…