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Testing testing…


Hurrah, one of my first of five pictures taken with my spanking new 20D. It’s the dog! Or err perhaps the dogs nose!

Love the camera so far, however I can see myself going thru a gig of compact flash in mere minutes. It’s so far beyond my old point & shoot Canon Powershot it’s practically pant wetting. Now off to take some pickatures.

Sigh of relief


Finally, after a whole long weekend of waiting, my 20D has arrived. Now I just have to think of an excuse to get off work this afternoon so I can play around with it. I’m left wondering if Donncha has got his hands on his 20D yet? Were they in the same crate coming all the way from Wurzburg? Conspiracy theory in the making? Switched at birth? I’m going mad. Many, many pictures to come…

@ 14:15 – Gah… all the manuals are in German! Why oh why did I do French for the leaving? time for some hefty pdf printing

on living alone.


Nobody should have to live alone. Mere hours after my housemates moved out I notice I’m talking to myself 50% more, staring blankly into space 30% more and contemplating various obsessive-compulsive activities like starting a chronologically arranged collection of nail clippings. But then I’d have to put all the stubble I less than regularly shave off into some kind of grade-based filing system also. Don’t even get me started on naming each one individually and having a small but perfectly ordered baptism. Just friends and family. All this after hours. Looking at the screwdriver I took my laptop apart with (and put back together) I feel I am missing something by not taking some other household appliance apart.

Everybody needs to have someone around at least 5 or 6 hours a day to keep them in-check and stop them doing crazy stupid things. Which leaves me with the following conundrum; what to do between right now and about 10am tomorrow.

I’m all out of ideas. I’m off to label hundreds of tiny plastic bags and fill them with toenail clippings from minutes gone by. I shall call the first one… Mildred.

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