Ireland; the only country I know of where the term “criminal justice” is an oxymoron. Whilst driving home from work today I was disgusted to hear that James Lombard of Blarney St, Sundays Well in Cork was only given a 7 year jail sentence with the last 2 years suspended for the shocking abuse of no fewer than 16 boys and girls in the Cork area. Lombard is described as

a paedophile with an active compunction to prey on and abuse children.

The RTE Article also states that

Judge Sean O Donobhain said Lombard presented a risk into the future.

Why then was such a short prison term handed down to him? A man who fled to England only to be extradited to face the charges and then go on the run only to be arrested again in Carrigaline, a Cork suburb.

It sickens me to think that this serial offending pervert did not even receive 1 year in jail per abuse. Talk about holding no value whatsoever over the lives of the children. Will the Irish courts ever get anything right?