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Tramore Custom & Classic bike show



Another new gallery. Pictures I took at the Custom & Classic bike show on Sunday at Tramore racecourse are now online over on my flickr account

James Lombard: Yet another courtroom farce.


Ireland; the only country I know of where the term “criminal justice” is an oxymoron. Whilst driving home from work today I was disgusted to hear that James Lombard of Blarney St, Sundays Well in Cork was only given a 7 year jail sentence with the last 2 years suspended for the shocking abuse of no fewer than 16 boys and girls in the Cork area. Lombard is described as

a paedophile with an active compunction to prey on and abuse children.

The RTE Article also states that

Judge Sean O Donobhain said Lombard presented a risk into the future.

Why then was such a short prison term handed down to him? A man who fled to England only to be extradited to face the charges and then go on the run only to be arrested again in Carrigaline, a Cork suburb.

It sickens me to think that this serial offending pervert did not even receive 1 year in jail per abuse. Talk about holding no value whatsoever over the lives of the children. Will the Irish courts ever get anything right?

Boards Photo Challenge


The Photo Challenge has returned. Ok so maybe nobody knows what I’m actually on about but if you click here to view the board you’ll get a quick introduction to what it’s all about. Challenges will be run every month or so and the monthly winner will receive a hearty pat on the back from fellow boardsies*. Keep an eye on the board for the current theme and enter a photo, it can’t hurt to participate! All you other bloggers, feel free to spread the word.

*hearty pat on back dependant terms & conditions.

My Sigma EX 24-70 DG Macro


Rain stopped a serious evening photoshoot so instead I shot the rain.

“Eeeeek!” screamed the little voice coming from my 18-55mm EF-S kit lens when I took this monster out of it’s box. Alas it knew it’s days were numbered. It travelled half way round the world to get into my grubby little hands but after only a 2 day trip it’s here and atttached to my 20D. Boxed in Hong Kong and stopping for brief periods in The Philippines, Indonesia, Paris and most exotic of all Shannon, it was delivered this morning.

Saved a packet over the €500+ retail price tag in Ireland; but then… nobody with any sense buys electronics or camera equipment in Ireland anymore, do they?

After all the formalities of “oooh”ing and “ahhh”ing were out of the way I proceeded to perform the dreaded front/back focus test. From my regular trawlings around the forums of Digital Photography Review and other various websites I found that an alarmingly high number of owners of this very lens have reported bad focusing problems; especially front focus. Carefully (yeah right) I lined up a few items on my mantlepiece and using centre point focusing I shot the middle item, a white corkscrew in this case. From my as yet untrained and amateur eye, the focus looks pretty much dead on.

Thank God for Canadians! If it wasn’t for my newest pal Albert at Kea Photo this lens would have undoubtably cost me a hell of a lot more. Great guy to deal with, he even tested the lens for focusing problems on a 20D before he shipped it. I will buy from him again and I’d recommend you all do the same.

Right then, now if it would only stop bloody raining so I could venture out and get a few shots of something other than the dog…

The Clock is Ticking…


…for all you leaving cert students. Only 2 short weeks left to cram all that knowledge into your adolescent brains. Knowledge that after the exams will be completely useless to any of you. God bless the education system.

That brazen hussy Ruth Scott from 2FM‘s morning show also mentioned the ‘C’ word. Yes, although summer is barely upon us and Spring is but a fading memory, she found the need to remind us all that it’s only 7 months until Christmas. What’s next? “White Christmas” being chosen for ‘cheesy listening’ in June?

New lens to turn photography on it’s head


It takes a Canadian to come up with something truly groundbreaking. There they are beavering away up there in their labs and research facilities while the world moves on unaware.

They are working on a new lens technology one fifth of the width of a sheet of paper with the ability to focus and zoom with no moving parts. Stuff of science fiction or soon to become fact? Is it safe to assume the next generation of digital SLR’s will be about the size of a packet of cigarettes? I’m starting to wonder…

Hate to say I told you so…


Have I ever been so delighted? So assured that everything is alright in the word; at least as far as taste and tonedeafness are concerned. Having channel surfed through a whole two hour sitting of the Eurovision semi-finals tonight, I feel it was all worthwhile when Ireland; led by Bosco on speed and his mother, fell flat on their faces. A well justified failure I think it’s quite safe and honest to say.

I sat, perched on the edge of my seat as the gorgeous host and her sidekick D.J. whatshisname, announced the results. Curious so that even countries where I can only speculate that indoor plumbing is considered a luxury for the rich and famous can get in so far ahead of Ireland’s pathetic attempt.

So come home to Athlone with your tails between your legs and vanish into obscurity. Actually, don’t. I’ll thoroughly enjoy hearing you both on the radio in the weeks and months to come. It’ll remind me of tonight and I can think back and laugh myself sick.

Good call citizens of Europe, you stopped what could have been a runaway train of nausea and pointless follow on songs. I salute you.

Been Photobloggin’


Keep Clear, originally uploaded by rymus.

Lack of posting to an extreme lately. Perhaps due to the stresses of finding a home, the stresses of maintaining a lazy lifestyle or the stresses of being stressed about worrying how to be lazy. Phew. Anyway, I’ve been out taking pictures and generally spending alot of time around photoshop recently. Pop on over to my photoblog and be a critic (but not too harsh).

Government action on Driving Test waiting lists


Here’s an idea; employ hundreds of private sector driving instructors to conduct driving tests in an aim to cut the 12+ month driving test waiting list and to have fewer learner drivers on Irish roads.

Here’s a cheaper idea; employ driving instructors that know the rules of the road. That way learner drivers who complete a near perfect test won’t be wrongly failed and have to remain learner drivers only to return to the end of the 12+ month waiting list. Vicious circle anyone?

No prizes for guessing which would be more effective.
(yes, I’m still amazingly bitter)

Gone Fishin’


…and photobloggin’. More shooting than posting though if truth be known. I suppose it’d be more accurate to say “Gone Practicin'”

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