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Today’s Frightening Link


Well worth viewing, it serves to both inform and entertain. I found it to be more horrifying than entertaining however.

Is This The Reason Bush Is Our President?

Adult Rainbow Video


Gavin has found the infamous adult sketch the cast of Rainbow did. Hidden away in the archives for so long, none of the cast or crew ever thought it’d see the light of day. I’d previously read the transcript and am glad to report that the video is as hilarious. Definately worth a look

20D in transit


It’s been exactly one week since I spent wads of virtual cash on a spankering new Canon 20D. Technikdirekt advised me, to my utter dismay, that my order would not be shipped for 2-3 weeks. This of course meant that my planned long weekend photo-trek would be an utterly non-existant experience.

Happy then I was when I checked my gmail this afternoon to find an email in German notifying me that my order has been shipped. At least I think that’s what it was telling me. My ability to understand the German language is at an all-time low. 3-5 days is what I’ve been advised by DHL, whom to my utter disgust also informed me that due to the shipping method used by Technikdirekt, my order will be handled by An Póst when it reaches Irish shores. Given my horrible history with digital cameras & the Irish postal service, if I don’t have my camera by this time next week I’ll be screaming bloody murder in their direction.

In a related matter; what’s the bloody point of having a tracking number if it can’t be used to track?

Guess Who?


The highest praise I can offer this movie is “it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”. That’s high praise really, seeing as this film is basically an inter-racial re-write of “Meet The Parents”. It centers around the relationship of a young inter-racial couple who return to Jersey to meet the missus’ parents. A supposed ‘funny’ situation ensues, am I the only one that thought it was all a little bit too much hypocrisy? Imagine the following; A white girl brings home a black man to meet her family. Her father is visibly outraged and spends the weekend taunting, belittling and generally humiliating the young man because he’s black. That’s racism.

The movie bases itself around the reverse of the above. A black girl brings her white boyfriend home to meet her family. Half of the family are sickened because the man is white and therefore not to be trusted. However, and this is the difference, this apparently isn’t racism. This is entertainment.

Overall, and aside from the fact that this comedy isn’t actually funny in any special way, this film isn’t worth the 8 euro you’ll undoubtably pay to see it.

On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised that the Mahon Point multiplex is quite impressive. This being a recently released film, it was shown in screen 1. The vast, well designed room reminded me of the cinema in Montreal where I saw “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”. I will revisit this cinema, but hopefully not to see the same kind of sub-standard film.

19 Years On


Listening to the radio this morning on my way to Naas, I was reminded that today marks the 19 year anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Adi Roche also brings it into perspective that if any more than the 3% of the reactors power was released in the explosion, Europe basically wouldn’t exist. Or at least be uninhabitable. The phrase “80 times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb” was being used all too often. Surely that miracle is due to the efforts of the people sent in to contain the fires and build the sarcophagus around the reactor. 25,000 of these people are already dead, leaving another 70,000 dying. She went on to add that the full effects of the disaster are not yet known and will not become evident for another 50 years. Without constant reinforcement and rebuilding is Chernobyl’s nuclear facility just another accident waiting to happen? Adi Roche seems to think so.

Been Balding…


The ol’ mind has been focused elsewhere of late. I’ve been working on getting a photoblog together (read: tearing hair out with frustration), trying out several so called solutions with little or no luck. Finally decided to roll my sleves up and create my own damn solution. It’s currently in progress, so forgive the non-existant posting here lately. All will become clear soon.

But hey! At least the server move went off without a hitch!

Server Move


The move seems to have gone ok; there doesn’t appear to be any major problems around anywhere. Yet..

Apologies to the spammers


I was trying out the spamlookup plugin but aparently it was doing too good a job and blocking everything. My apologies to the spammers who couldnt get their regular flood of comments through. Also apologies to all the thousands of legitimate comments I normally get 🙂

If you see me, say hello…


Normal service is restored, normality restored. Apologies for the mindless nonsense.

As I was saying, if you see this guy, ask him for my wallet.

The Waiting’s Postponed


Hooray, I ordered my camera! Finalised the order this morning! Lost my wallet this afternoon! Had to cancel the order, along with all my credit cards & bank cards. Saw the asshole that picked it up, got a CCTV image of him and going to find him tomorrow to ask him why he didn’t feel like handing it into the shop he found it outside.

Course all this means I can’t reorder my camera until I get issued with new credit cards; sometime next week. What an ultimate pisser. Oh God, why do you hate my photography so?

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