I have been going to Turners Cross for many years. It was a miserable day today and i was contemplating staying at home but the prospect of playing the Eircom league champions proved too much and me and my sister ventured to the cross. City’s first home match against Bray Wanderers last week was a very disappointing affair. Tonight however was a different story. We sat behind the Shelbourne bench and we were getting soaked. It was a very high paced game from the start and the lads showed 100% commitment and heart. Chances were few in the first half but the football was entertaining. The second half started brightly and it was all Cork city. Then Denis Beehan, in for the injured John O’ Flynn scored a cracker into the top corner of the net. Turners cross erupted! Pride is very important in Irish soccer and beating Shelbourne is the goal of every team. City scored another goal but as we celebrated we noticed the linesmans flag and it was disallowed. Shelbourne made a few substitutions and started to play with some conviction. They couldn’t break through. Joe Gamble who played a great match got hit with a bad tackle and retaliated with a head butt and was sent off. Tempers among players and management flared and Pat Fenlon lost control of himself. I have to admit that i admire Damien Richardson for keeping his cool and concentrating on the game. A few minutes to go and Neal Fenn made a run down the touch line and and was taken out. The referee produced the red card again. I normally have no grievances with ref’s but he was card happy tonight and lost control of the game. When the final whistle was blown there was huge cheers and relief. This is the first win against Shelbourne for nine games i think. Congratulations to George O’ Callaghan on his man of the match award. We left the ground and the rain had stopped. It was certainly worth the 15 euro admission charge and tonight i was extremely proud to support Cork city. They now have the base to go on and win the Setanta cup. These pictures are from the previous Bray Wanderers game.