The meticulously designed Alex and me, Gordon Freeman.

I got a new PC. I rushed out to buy Half Life 2. All saw it was good.

After several weeks of airboating through swamps, driving around alien infested roads & towns, being shot at by those damn CP’s (and in return getting plenty of juicy headshots), beating off hoards of black headcrabs and fighting side by side with the most realistic characters I’ve ever seen in a game, I finally finished last night in a sweat of satisfaction.

The first game in a long time that I’ve bothered to finish. Finished without cheating once I might add; truly a first for me and FPS games. I thoroughly enjoyed all the frantic shooting, the puzzles and all the “ooh’s”, “aah’s” and “waaaaaaaah’s” I experienced through the course of playing. A dubious ending though, thankfully plenty of scope for Half Life 3. Lets hope they keep Alex (pictured above) as a permenant addition to any future Half Life episodes. It’s a Lara Croft thing; my 256mb graphics card made a great job of rendering her in every frame. Now to get back to real life… Curses!!