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New kid on the block


Rick’s Breakfast Blog is the newest blog I’ve found in a while. The brainchild of one Rick O’Shea, one half of the team presenting the new breakfast show on 2FM. I have to admit, unless I’m up insanely early I only catch the last 20/25 mins of the show but it’s all good. Hard work keeping up with the truly stellar quality that Ryan Tubridy produced on a daily basis but it’s well worth listening to.

Now kiddies, lets all watch as this virgin weblog turns slowly into a rant of “reasons I hate getting up early” 🙂

Welcome Rick, nice to see another Irish blogger.

Getting so shafted


I have 2 windows servers, between them running about 7 websites. I had a look at the situation, had a look at the competition and realised how un-naturally screwed I’m getting. Only this afternoon I got a renewal for a 25MB, 1gb transfer windows server of, wait for it, 217. My other server; a 250mb, 3gb transfer works out around 230 p.a. Nuts! I was recently charged the whopping sum of 120 for an SSL cert and I’m being charged 4.95 per month for a lousy stinking dedicated IP address. Why oh why hadn’t I heard of Blacknight for and Digital Crocus when my last renewal was up? I’m horrified. Time to start backing up websites and shuffling them around I’d be thinking.

Cork City beat Shelbourne in Setanta Cup



I have been going to Turners Cross for many years. It was a miserable day today and i was contemplating staying at home but the prospect of playing the Eircom league champions proved too much and me and my sister ventured to the cross. City’s first home match against Bray Wanderers last week was a very disappointing affair. Tonight however was a different story. We sat behind the Shelbourne bench and we were getting soaked. It was a very high paced game from the start and the lads showed 100% commitment and heart. Chances were few in the first half but the football was entertaining. The second half started brightly and it was all Cork city. Then Denis Beehan, in for the injured John O’ Flynn scored a cracker into the top corner of the net. Turners cross erupted! Pride is very important in Irish soccer and beating Shelbourne is the goal of every team. City scored another goal but as we celebrated we noticed the linesmans flag and it was disallowed. Shelbourne made a few substitutions and started to play with some conviction. They couldn’t break through. Joe Gamble who played a great match got hit with a bad tackle and retaliated with a head butt and was sent off. Tempers among players and management flared and Pat Fenlon lost control of himself. I have to admit that i admire Damien Richardson for keeping his cool and concentrating on the game. A few minutes to go and Neal Fenn made a run down the touch line and and was taken out. The referee produced the red card again. I normally have no grievances with ref’s but he was card happy tonight and lost control of the game. When the final whistle was blown there was huge cheers and relief. This is the first win against Shelbourne for nine games i think. Congratulations to George O’ Callaghan on his man of the match award. We left the ground and the rain had stopped. It was certainly worth the 15 euro admission charge and tonight i was extremely proud to support Cork city. They now have the base to go on and win the Setanta cup. These pictures are from the previous Bray Wanderers game.




My local feels the wrath of the taxman


Finbarr Cogan of Cogans Bar fame has been ridden by the taxman to the tune of €1.7m for non payment of income tax, VAT and PAYE/PRSI. Adding insult to injury, he also posessed one of those hugely controversial bogus non-resident accounts. Cayman Islands anyone? Makes me wonder if there will actually be a Cogans Bar in Carrigaline the next time I’m down that way. Worrying…

(apologies for the crap quality)

Flummoxed with Choice


I’ve finally decided to spend some wads next month and get a Canon 20D. Now comes another and more sizable problem. Picking a camera is easy, at least it’s easy when it’s the model you’ve been drooling over since it’s release (and the 10D since it’s release!).

Which lens however? I already got a cheapo 75-300mm USM III from ebay but I’m looking for something a little more wide. I’m currently considering;

Canon 17-40mm L
Canon 17-85 EF-S
Sigma 15-30mm

and a few more I can’t be bothered to list right now. Help!?!

I suppose I could just get the 18-55mm kit lens and upgrade to an L later… Have to add a nice 2gb cf card into the budget somewhere 🙂

Phishing Hits Home


The latest in the long line of phishing scams has targeted Bank of Ireland’s “365 Online” banking system. An email directing users to a supposed web page on the BOI website instructed whoever got that famed email to enter some personal details; all of which were of course sent to the brains behind the operation.

The rules are quite simple for avoiding being screwed in phishing. Don’t enter any personal details like passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc into any website unless you are sure of it’s authenticity. It’s basic common sense people. I hope to update this soon, or as soon as I receive a copy of the email.

RTE News – BoI reassures over online services

Truly Delightful TV


It’s not very often something actually watchable comes along. It’s even less often that something hugely entertaining and well written comes along. Filling the hole in my TV schedule that “Long Way Round” left, I discovered “Rescue Me” some time ago on Sky One. Thursday nights, 10-11pm. The show is based on a New York fire house in present day. The tone is firmly rooted in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks so as you can imagine, it’s quite a dark storyline. Tommy Gavin, played by the talented Denis Leary is a man haunted by alcoholism, his seperated marraige and of course several ghosts he’s picked up along the way.

Serious topics (but not all of them fires) are dealt with in a very gritty and almost too realistic manner but it makes for wonderful entertainment and like “The Soprano’s”, you just know that when someone messes with a firefighter, they’ll be getting their ass kicked a few episodes down the line. Fantastic one-liners are guaranteed every week from any one of the characters; but normally one of the more intelligent characters of course…

It also introduced me to a new band. The theme tune is The Von Bondies track “C’mon”. Only problem I’ve found with getting attached to good TV is that sooner or later the damn series ends. God bless DVD box sets!

Truly DespicableTV


From the home of utterly vile and contemptuous television programming comes yet another in a list of ‘entertainment’ (and I use the term loosly). “Fool Around with Dan Corsi”, showing on E4 is a show primarily based on the wholesome activity of deception, encouraging average women to cheat on their boyfriends for a big cash prize. As if it wasn’t bile enducing enough, the boyfriends (whom I can only presume to be missing vital parts of their brains) condone this activity and in fact advise their morally challenged other halves on how best to get into bed with the male model they share the house with.

I managed to watch a full 3 or 4 minutes of the 1 hour show last night before leaving the room in anger and disgust that this kind of crap passes for entertainment these days. And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t watch reality TV.

How St. Patrick’s Day Works


Howstuffworks “How St. Patrick’s Day Works”

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