Whilst driving up the country on Wednesday evening, I caught an interesting piece featured on “The Last Word” show on TodayFM. Matt Cooper began a debate on a most controversial subject; at least as far as Ireland is concerned. The debate centered around a new campaign, launched yesterday, named “The Freedom From Pornography Campaign” which, as many things devised by a group of die-hard feminists, makes very little sense.

Their chief (and seemingly only) argument is that pornography is harmful to women who engage in it and is a bad influence to men who watch it. In other words, if I watch porn I’ll turn into a wife beating pseudo rapist whereas if my girlfriend watches it she’ll turn into a victim for no apparent reason. Like many who texted the show during the interview, I find both of those scenarios very hard to believe. Research has proved it to be true however, so I’m obviously mistaken.

Helen Mortimer, a self-confessed feminist (not that I have much against feminists that is) tried aimlessly to reinforce her frankly insane argument for a ban on pornography to Ron Jeremy, a
veteran porn star who joined the show via the telephone. What must anyone who was listening think of Ireland? I was cringing almost all the way through the second half of the show, thinking that this was being broadcast to a nationwide, and indeed worldwide audience via the internet. It’s the year 2005 everywhere but Ireland, where thanks to groups like this, it’ll always be 1950. Ron Jeremy was equally shocked and could not stress enough that it isn’t always women who are ‘the slave’ and remarked that it is now women that own the majority of the big porn companies and make the big bucks.

It’s an absolutely frightening thing to listen to; something which I urge everyone to do. It’s currently listed on the TodayFM Last Word archive and because it’ll eventually disappear from there, I’ve mirrored it here. It’ll open your eyes