The latest in the saga of my simpleton driving tester. After sending a letter of complaint to the supervisor of the Cork testing centre, I today received a response from a different person. The bones of the letter comprises of a statement from my driving tester.

“As applicant approached right turn at Turners Cross Church turning into Curragh Road, the green light was on*. He stopped and the green light remained on for approx 20 seconds after he stopping. He remained stopped until the full green light came on again**.”

Holes in statement pointed out as follows;
* The red light was on as I approached the lights. The green arrow pointing straight ahead only came on a few seconds after I had already stopped.

** Note the term “full green light”. This term was not used in the previous description of the light turning green, possibly due to the fact that it was a filter light pointing straight ahead.

Not exactly the response I had hoped for, although it was the one I had been expecting. The tester hasn’t changed his story as much as I thought he might have, the statement in the letter is rather interesting and will no doubt make a good read for the judge. Yes, next stop: District Court.