It’s becoming increasingly difficult these days to source a decent chip (or bag of same) in the Douglas area. Currently our two options are…

KC’s – Truly a king among chippers; when it’s open. Which isn’t that often. It must be a great life to have, to be able to bow to your own whims and just not go in to work if you don’t want to. Of all the eating establishments I’ve frequented over the years, KC’s has to be the most infuriating by far. I’ve pretty much accepted that if I go down there looking for a cheeseburger before 8pm I might aswell be pissing in the wind. Then they throw a curveball and don’t bother opening at all. “Aha, caught you there Mr. Hungry person! We don’t want to take your money today ‘cos were already filthy rich.” Where’s the loyalty to the customers? The sense of service to the community? The bloody capitalism?!? Most recenly, I passed there tonight just a shade after 9pm, absolutely dying for one of their marvellous cheeseburgers and chips. Closed. They’re just adding greasy fuel to the fire o’ ranting.

Dino’s – That left me with my second place option. Dino’s would be open even if we were hit by a tornado. Godzilla could be strolling through west Douglas village, leaving a trail of gore and destruction in his wake and you’d still be able to waltz into Dino’s and get some chips. That, sadly, is about the entirety of their merit. I used to be quite fond of their cheese, chips & garlic until some months ago I felt if I ate any more of it I’d surely explode with the cholesterol. Their burgers/doorstops need something along the lines of taste and/or more bloody sauce. I’ve seen deserts that have more moisture content than these things. I was left in their reckless hands tonight for my dinner and decided to go with the old reliable cheese, chips & garlic. I must have ordered it the exact same thing from the exact same people no fewer than a dozen times over the last number of months. I wasn’t expecting to get chips, curry and cheese. An unpleasant experience it’s quite fair to say. I’m quite sure Mr. Dino is interested in the idea of a “model UN”. Every time I go in there, there’s at least 4 people from 4 different countries working behind the counter. It can be quite comical to watch them as they try to understand eachothers accents.

To summarise, if KC’s got their bloody act together with opening times and stopped screwing around, Douglas would have a decent chipper. Until such time as that happens… well, you might as well be eating salad!