Following up on the story of “The $1m tip“, I have recieved a delightful comment from one Sarah Ryan, who just happens to be the trainee teacher the newspaper article was based around.

THIS is Sarah Ryan here- this woz just a joke and ye must be pretty sad and have nothing else to do with yere time then actually read about this!!I woz actually on hols in America when this woz published in the papers, ye are so sad!

A, I’m only too sure that tens of thousands of people have nothing else to do with their time than read the newspaper and cack themselves laughing at your ‘mistake’.
B, It sure was a joke; on you!
C, The fact that you are training to teach the nations youth worries me greatly.

and finally D, I want you to produce a 1,000,000 word essay on Fort Knox and the non-existance of the famed one million dollar bill. Feck sake Sarah, if you google your name after being shown up publicly, you have to expect these things…

I do appreciate when people hand me content on a plate.